The Apostles Jazz Standards Band
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Apostles Pictures (Archives)

BRANDON REUNION-Mike Miller-Brian Wheeler-Dan Donahoe-Mike Holm

CHRISTMAS PARTY BOCKORNY " Apostles Jazz Standards Band"

Carnaval Brazilian Grill "Apostles Jazz Standards Band"

HALL OF FAME REHEARSAL "The Fabulous Apostles" Horn Band

INTERMISSION "Apostles Jazz Standards Band"

NYE Carnaval Brazilian Grill "Apostles Jazz Standards Band"

Reunion El Riad Shrine "The Fabulous Apostles" Horn Band

Rock Rapids - Frontier Bank "Jazz Standards Band"

SD Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame 2010 ""The Fabulous Apostles" Horn Band

THE RED SHOE "Apostles Jazz Standards Band"

Willie Bertsch 832 N. Columbia Circle, Sioux Falls, SD 57103 | cell: 605.413.7749 | 

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