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Willie, thanks for sharing this Smilebox. Your music was the highlight of the evening. Congratulations to a job well done as you were truly "FABULOUS"!
Judy Smith

Willie, Greetings from Minneapolis, This is great! Very proud to see you inducted. It was a fabulous party.
Dave Rowe

Willie -- Very nice. You guys totally rock!
Ken Mills

Willie, I am SO glad I made it to your event...many of my friends from the courthouse told me your band was the best! Because, of course, it was!
Deb Beuckens

The song says it all. Congratulations you guys are the best.
Tom VanBerkum

Willie, What a great night for you and the band, you guys looked and sounded like Hall of Famers! All of us are so proud of you and the Apostles.
Stuart and Pat Harms

Awesome Willie-sorry we missed your "Hall of Fame" moment. You guys sound so GOOD~!!!!!!!! Thanks for sending the video.

You guys sound great. Keep the machine going. Hope to hear you guys soon.
Jim Engelien

This has been said before...and now I will say it to you: 'Keep on doin' what your doin'..cause YOU'r doin' it well!!
Steven Wagner

It was great seeing you guys perform again, it was smokin'
Rick Burkhardt

BRAVO MAGNIFICO!!!!! This is one of those rare and intensely memorable moments that brings life and love to the center of our being. I am honored to have a presence in this family of friendships and doggone FABULOUS APOSTLES musicality. Salutes!!!
Shannon Collins

Hey Willie - Thanks so much for sharing this. You guys are terrific and I'm so glad you have a spot in the Hall of Fame! Sorry we were not there to share your special night.
Nancy Halverson

Willie... the Apostles were a gas. Loved the addition of the horn section. See you soon,
Dave Hofstad

Willie, what a fantastic time we had. Amazing music from everyone and you guys just smoked!!! Thank you so much - not just for including me in this event, which I consider an honor, but for being a friend and mentor for many years.
Don Lerdal

Awesome job last night. Memorable. Great Band.
Kirke Wheeler

Willie, WOW!!!!! You sing better than you cook! Did we last see the Apostles at the McCamba Club back in the 70's? Wish we could have been there. Hope to see you all in July.
Tom Van Ash

Congrats guys. Tears to my eyes.
Dean Nasser

Dynamite Willie! Who is that man behind the dark glasses? Great job. Congratulations :)
Steve Siegel

You guys provided another outstanding performance. Congrats to you and the entire band Willie!!!
Jackie Peterson

Great !!!! Wish we were there. Congratulations Willie
Randy Wilson

Awesome!! I am not worthy.
Joe Hurley

Congratulations Willie! You deserve the recognition for your years of commitment.
Ron Bertsch

Very cool, Willie. Congratulations!!
Bob Wratz

Thanks for sharing with me! Can't tell you how fun it is to celebrate with you and to be really glad for the recognition of achievements by you, Sammy, and the rest of the honorees... You all deserve this...
Barb Siebelts

Congrats Willie! We celebrate with you! :)
Pastor Barbara Wangsness Lizarazo

Great Job on the show and your SmileBox. Wish we could have been there. We're proud of you.
Jim and Dan

Willie B this is
Russ Oorlog You are great .

Great! Great! Terrific! We are all so proud!
Milt Kogan

Thanks Will, I think I'll attach and send it to family that didn't attend. Really cool.
Ken Huseboe

Wow....This was great Willie! Thanks for sending it.....
Terry Tausz


Hi Willie: Brother Joe here. I also loved it. It was great to see the Apostles go into the Hall of Fame. Wish I could have been there. Maybe our paths will cross again. I hope so.
Joe Fergen

Hi Willie
.This is awesome thanks much for sharing. I'll send this to my brother.
Jim Fergen still got it man, thanks for the video...priceless!! Hi to all. Congrats on your induction!! The Apostles are an institution!!
John Bunker

WOW!!! I just now had time to watch the guys ROCK!!! Thanks so much for sharing that with me Willie!!!
Denise Aamlid

I have to say Uncle Willie....You guys ROCK!! That was awesome - I especially like the electric guitar licks at the end - keep up the great work - you guys are awesome!
Jamie VanBerkum

Thanks Willie... congrats again on the induction to the hall of fame. You deserve it. Thanks for having me play and I look forward to the next time. Best!
Jim Speirs

WOW Congratulations I'm very proud of you and I wish I could have been there to see and hear the performance. Kellen said you were good and had to hear the song five times. Look forward to seeing all of you very soon. Take Care
Love Tom, Monica, Garrett & Kellen

This is so cool! Congratulations. The audio is of the're singing great, as good as I remember. Who is playing guitar? Some burnin' solos.
Todd Finnie

Willie, Thanks for sharing. You are one of my favorites and I'll be sure to show this to Bill. I sent to JR, Gordy & Carolyn also. Congrats! Can't wait to see you at the wedding dance in June.
Maureen Fitzgibbons

Hey Willie, Congrats on the Hall of Fame induction! It's always a treat to hear you sing, especially with the old gang. The vocals and harmony were superb. You guys deserve the recognition. See you soon!
Mitch Krebs was a real pleasure meeting you and some of the other Apostles! The Apostles performance was fantastic! The SDR&RHOF was absolutely just the greatest of good times. The people were glad at this stage in life, we had the opportunity! If I had your voice, I probably would have never quit playing! Hope all is well...and keep in touch.... WOW, what a fun evening!
Randy Grundy/Red Dogs

Thanks Willie for the smilebox on the Hall of Fame! That was FABULOUS!!!

Willie that was just great thanks for sharing and congratulations.
Dale Dickey

This is great!!! If I am able too, I will also add this to the site!!!! Otherwise, I'll just add the link to the smilebox site. It was so great to meet you Willie
Michelle Smykle

Hey Willie: Thanks so much for sending this to me! It was great. I have heard from quite a few folks that were there and all agree it was excellent. Anyway, congratulations to all the Apostles! The HOF board has been calling and asking for lots of pictures, posters, etc. I can't find one picture of Island Park or Groveland Park (from the outside). I have got hundreds of "the people" but not one of the dance halls. I'll have to put an ad in the paper or something like that. Hope to see you down the road. Thanks again!
Bob Maag/former owner of Island Park Milltown and Groveland Park Tyndall

Willie, This is great you should be very proud of it.
Les Stubsten

Congratulations - that's great!!
Sue Severson

Thanks for sending that Willie. It was great and we had such a GREAT time Sat. night. Thanks for thinking of us.
Mariannet Kudrie

Awesome, Willie! Your talents are amazing! Thanks for sharing. The pictures were great. We don't remember that song. Did you guys write it? Can't get it out of my head.
Polly Mosey

I am speechless -- whan does that happen??? Willie, I was so taken by the event that I am still walking around with a huge smile on my face with butterflies flying around my head. I must tell you -- I was bursting at the seams. I just had to high five you Willie. All the bands were a blast from the past -- but honestly -- the Apostles nailed the overall show. Well deserved honors to you all. The Apostles are at their prime-time BEST!!
Shannon Collins

Willie, This is so very cool. I'm so happy for you and all the Apostles. What a night!! You still have the smoooooothest voice. God bless you, my friend... you've blessed me in many ways.
Pastor Dave Severson

Willie that was incredble...Wish I could have worked it out to be there.
Maggie Holm

Myron Lee

Willie, You guys deserve it! Your still one great band!!!!!
Greg Carmon

Willie..We were thrilled to be part of the induction evening. We hadn't played for about two and a half years since our previous gig and only about eight or nine gigs since our reunion in 2005 -- after a 35 year intermission. We need to get a better agent! Seriously, we have had the most remarkable gigs during our rebirth than we ever had back in the day. Next year we are playing in Vegas -- the realization of a long-time aspiration of mine (never played there ever). Our guys pinch ourselves every time just to be sure all of this is real. We feel so lucky to have this second chance and to have the fan response after so many years -- something that bands in general rarely get to experience a few decades removed. It was evident by your performance that you must feel exactly the same way. Keep rockin'!........
Evan Johnson /Red Dogs

Willie-I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend.  Your performance with your group was really outstanding---from my perspective flawless.  Your group showed that some music is timeless.  I think the crowd agreed based on the standing ovation.  You personally were really "on your game."  I also meant a lot to have you on stage when we received Dad's plaque.  You were a very special person to him, and I know how much he would have enjoyed your music---it was full of energy and most of all danceable. Thanks again, Willie.
Tom Thomas

Willie,Your band was spectacular, in fact, It was pretty obvious by the reaction of the crowd. It is too bad we can't do a repeat every couple of months. It goes to prove that good music never dies. Thanks for a great performance..
Don Fritz..South Dakota Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Thanks for the Great Show at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.It was great and I hope you will perform more in the future. It is an inspiration to all of us..
Mike Breidenbach, Commissioner Sioux Falls Regional Airport Authority

Not sure how to process so many memories in such a short period of time.  The effect that the music has had on all of our lives was evident Saturday night; a real functioning time machine. The nearly complete immersion into a world some forty years gone was priceless, bringing all of us back into a simpler more innocent world. The amazing crowd was patient and appreciative of all that everyone contributed to the experience. Thanks for the opportunity to revisit those pivotal formative years that have shaped us all.  I still have a smile on my face.
Greg Blomberg, Dale Gregory and the Shouters      

Willie, Just a note to tell you what a great job the band did last night.  I really enjoyed the horn sound.  Thanks for all the effort you put into making it happen. Regards,
Richard Smith

Bob and I just finished viewing your smilebox. It was so great to see a portion of what happened the day of the induction into the SD Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Hopefully, they will get a DVD of the whole day. Thanks, Willie for sending it to us. It's one of my favorite songs you guys play.
Sharon & Bob

Fabulous! There is no other way to put it!  The entire evening was Fabulous! Who would have thought we would have to turn people away from a venue that seats over 1,200 folks?  The Fire Marshall went through when we had over 1,600 people in the venue and luckily we were ok with the exits, etc.  Everyone sounded great!  The fans were excited if not a little upset that they did not get there earlier.  The sound and lights were professional and every group was in top form.  From the rest of the Board I want to thank you for your preparation and commitment to what you do.We will stay in touch as the results of the evening come in, but I promise you that we will have to go a ways down the road before we can top that!
Mark Aspaas ...South Dakota Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Those of us who had bands of our own in the sixties also had regional bands that we idolized and dreamed of being like. For me, it was Myron Lee and the Caddies, The Talismen, the Red Dogs and the Fabulous Flippers. I tried to see and hear them whenever they were in the area. Their music and stage presence were thrilling and educational.  I figured they would have to remain a treasured memory.until Saturday night! Somehow the stage at the Exhibit Hall became a time machine. One by one, icons of Rock and Roll behind me sat down to the drums and keyboards, strapped on their guitars, grabbed their horns and stepped up to the microphone.  At the very first note I turned around and every extra pound and gray hair had disappeared. I was back forty years and my memory of how great these entertainers were then was absolutely correct! Marlys Roe still looks and sings like an angel. I could understand why The Castaways, Larry Bell and the Continentals, The Cavaliers and The Fabulous Apostles were so popular. It's more than the music itself, you all had and have a respect for..and connection to..the audience. A lost art. It was an honor to see and hear that again! As for the Red Dogs and Flippers..well, I hope you had fun..because you were a JOY to all of us. Sadly, when I looked into the Mirror Sunday morning, my gray hair, double chin had returned and I was 64 again.  The space/time continuum was back in alignment. But wow..sixteen hundred of us sure loved the brief journey Saturday night!  Congratulations to all the inductees and thanks for the memories!
Doug Lund
...South Dakota Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Please send your "guestbook" comments to .

Name: Dave Rowe, Retired DJ and friend
Comments: If you like reminiscing about yesteryear with your friends and want the background music to fit the conversation, you need to listen to the music of the Apostles. Our group has been meeting at the Carnival Brazilian Grill on the weekends that The Apostles play. What a great, relaxing evening of talk, drink and music. The Apostles play the "classics" as if they recorded the original version with incredible harmony and sound!. What a group of musicians. ! Like a good wine, these folks get better with age ! You can tell they enjoy what they do . Thanks, Willie and group....for the great music.

Name: Betty Fideler
Comments: I was fortunate to attend six of the last seven performances by the Apostles! All were FANTASTIC!!! Great blend of talent and showmanship! Both vocal and instrumental are outstanding! One of the best bands I have heard in a long time!

Name: Allen Hanson
Comments: Some of you look awfully familiar. Almost as if we'd met in a different time. It's good to see you are still enjoying yourself onstage, Willie. It would be good to sit and chat sometime. Don't worry, I don't sell Amway, don't need tires for a race car and won't ask you to join a cult and move to the Congo. Since Mark passed away it occurred to me that I haven't made an effort to reach out to be a friend to good people I've met along the way. Sometimes lines of communication just fade away from neglect. Hope we can smile and say hi if our paths cross. Til then, take care!

Name: Shantel Krebs
Comments: Thank you for donating 2 hours of playing time for the Festival of Trees silent auction gala!! The recipients will be very lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Sean Van Berkum
Comments: Thanks so much for a wonderful Grand Opening performance. It was great to hear you guys again. Almost a whole year is way too long. Thanks again.

Name: Nick Van Berkum
Comments: Great to see the band perform at the Intermission. You guys sounded great!!

Name: Susan Kogan
Comments: Thanks for the October concert invitation! Wish we could attend! Keep rockin! Sue

  • Frontier Bank's Community Picnic, Rock Rapids, Iowa
    The Apostles are a top notch group that captivated an audience of over
    1600 guests that attended our Frontier Bank Community Picnic. They
    played a variety of music that reached all age groups and were great to
    work with. I would highly recommend them for any occassion!

    Linda Soyland, Marketing Director, Frontier Bank,

  • Intermission Restaurant Grand Opening, Rock Rapids, Iowa
    The Apostles did an excellent job at the Grand Opening of the Intermission Restaurant. The customers could enjoy a relaxing evening of food and entertainment. Musical selections were great and you could enjoy a set or two while eating. Those at the grand opening could also enjoy their food and conversation even while the band played. The blending of musical selections was terrific, creating an atmosphere to enjoy.

    Thanks again
    Executive Chef/Owner Intermission Restaurant
    Sean Van Berkum

  • Mondays at McKennan, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
    It would be tough for life to be any better than when the Apostles are playing McKennan Park on a summer evening. Thanks to all the great Apostles for providing our city with GREAT music!

    Dave Holly
    Contributing Editor
    The Monthly Mix

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